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Crescent City to Cajun Country

Get a warm, Southern welcome as you explore the real Louisiana, from the jazz clubs and famed French Quarter to boat rides through Bayou. This multi-day trip takes you through historic streets of New Orleans to Cajun country and back.

  • Two nights in New Orleans and one in Cajun country in a colonial farmhouse 
  • Transportation to & from Cajun country  
  • In New Orleans, dine at Compére Lapin and tour the city with Lucky Bean tours 
  • Tours of Whitney Plantation, private Cajun cooking class, Beyond the Bayou swamp boat tour 
  • 14-day advance booking required 
  • Experiential package starting at $3,100
  • Offer based on availability

To book this experience, you must fill out this simple request form to begin the process. Our hotel representative will be in touch shortly to confirm your stay and experience, providing an official confirmation number for your reference at check-in. Reservations are not final until confirmation number is provided.

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Your Day-by-Day Itinerary

Day 1: After checking into the Old No. 77 Hotel, it’s time to hit the streets and take in the epicenter of New Orleans – the French Quarter. Stroll through the Garden District, experience the incredible galleries on Royal Street, or swing by city park to tour over 80 sculptures outside the New Orleans Museum of Art. In the evening, get your jazz on with classic cocktails and groovy tunes on Maple Leaf and Frenchman Street.  

Day 2: Today is all about soaking in some history. Take a guided tour of some of the most historic parts of New Orleans with Lucky Bean Tours. End the day feeling full of knowledge and great food with dinner at Compère Lapin as your last stop.  

Day 3: Head out of town for a beautiful ride to the Whitney Plantation. Founded in 1752 and set right on the Mississippi River, it’s the only museum in American dedicated to sharing the story of the African slave trade and how life was for those working on the plantations. After absorbing its important history, cruise over to your cozy B&B for the night, T’Frere’s. From newly renovated rooms to a magical courtyard and elegant sunroom, it’s the perfect place to unwind and enjoy incredible local cuisine. 

Day 4: After a satisfying breakfast, hop on a boat for a two-hour ecotour with Beyond the Bayou in Louisiana’s verdant swamps. Spot wildlife, including gators and osprey, and learn more about the unique ecosystem while floating through the stunning scenery. Once you’re swamped out, fill up on a Cajun lunch from Poche’s Market before catching a ride back to New Orleans.