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Art envelopes The Old No. 77 Hotel. It spiffs up the walls of each guest room as well as the rotating collections in the dedicated gallery highlighting our partnerships with local creative communities. 

United by a shared passion for New Orleans art, we found kindred spirits in the Where Y’Art team. They’re a group of curators that showcase the works of New Orleans artists, painters, sculptors, craftsmen and jewelry designers in their online gallery and within their brick-and-mortar space on Royal Street, in the Marigny neighborhood. At The Old No. 77, Where Y’Art offers their creative perspective by continuously curating the gallery so guests experience an extension of their interactive exhibitions without leaving the hotel.  

Plus, each summer our Artist in Residence program invites out-of-town artists for a month-long residency program with plenty of space to dream and create. At the close of the program, a special exhibition is open to guests and the public to view the art developed during the residency. Past artists have included Indianapolis-based multi-disciplinary artist Chase Cannon; Chicago-based creator, Kate Lewis, who captured New Orleans magic through large scale black and white illustrations; and Thomas ‘TJ’ Kiser, who debuted as the first Artist in Residence in 2016.  

Dive into some of our past exhibitions below: 

Face Forward | Debuted in February 2020  

The exhibit featured a series of portraits that speak both to you and about you - each person seeing something different, interpreted by focus, attitude, mood or situation.  

Building Blocks, Part One | Debuted in August 2019 

The Culture of Architecture in New Orleans was curated by Gene Guidry, Architect, Trapolin-Peer Architects. An intersection of the prevailing cultural attitudes that have shaped New Orleans’ architecture, this show was a look at the influences of French, Spanish, and American styles, overlain with the distinctive Creole character that have become synonymous with the city’s unique neighborhoods.  
300 More | Debuted in 2018 

In 2018, New Orleans celebrated 300 years of its heritage. From coastal restoration and urban conservation efforts, water management and industry, 300 More explored themes and issues around environmental and cultural preservation, including works by 32 local artists.  

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Artist in Residence Program

Check out our new Artist in Residence program offering short-term, week-long stays for accepted creators on a rolling basis all year round across our collection from Boston and New Orleans to Seattle and Portland. Learn more and apply for our Artist in Residence program here