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Portland is one of the country’s leading hubs for creativity, with artists using all forms of media to change the way we view ourselves and our world. At Dossier, you have a unique opportunity to experience that artistic spirit with access to works by our favorite local artists and illustrators throughout our guestrooms.

All of the art at Dossier celebrates the offbeat style of our city, and the beauty of its natural surroundings. The collection is comprised of nature-inspired works from this diverse group of painters, illustrators, and printmakers—each based right here in Portland.

As you explore the art of Dossier, you’ll experience a glimpse into how nature has influenced their work. Have a look below to get to know these unique artists and their #DossierOriginals.

Cate Andrews

Cate Andrews is a Pacific Northwest Illustrator. She loves running, plants, sunshine, and swimming. Cate would rather be outside but makes art in the meanwhile. Cate’s work can be found on her website.

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Camille Shu

Camille Shu is an artist based in Portland, OR. Her work is an exploration of objects and places around her, most often flowers, fruit, mountains, etc. She plays with dissecting complicated subjects into more basic or abstract shapes. Color, pattern, and line are her biggest inspiration.  Check out her profile on Instagram or visit her website.

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Ryabn Bubnis

Ryan Bubnis is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator, and educator based in Portland, Oregon.

Bold, graphic and deceptively simple, Bubnis’ imagery lives in the space between the abstract and the representational. Learn more about his work through Ryan’s Instagram or website.

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David Rice

The goal of David’s work is to create environments that exist beyond the parameters of our physical world. His style blurs the boundaries between what should and shouldn’t exist together by bringing subjects into surroundings that they wouldn’t normally interact with. Check out David’s website or find him on Instagram.

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Zoe Keller

Zoe Keller is an illustrator exploring the intersection of art making and the natural sciences. Find out more about her illustrations through Instagram or Zoe’s website.

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James Fenner

James Fenner is an illustrator living in Portland, Oregon. He has a passion for the Pacific Northwest, travel and adventure. Check out his website or discover his art on Instagram.

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Beth Austin

Beth Austin is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Portland, Oregon. With illustrations ranging from vibrant blooming watercolor to detailed pencil drawings, Beth explores the complex connections between humans and the natural world. Discover Beth’s art on her Instagram or website. 

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Artist in Residence Program

Check out our new Artist in Residence program offering short-term, week-long stays for accepted creators on a rolling basis all year round across our collection from Boston and New Orleans to Seattle and Portland. Learn more and apply for our Artist in Residence program here