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For Inspired and Aspiring Creative Minds

In partnership with the Purdue University Fort Wayne Department of Art and Design, our hotel gallery showcases an inspired collection of works from the students, alumni and faculty through semi-annual exhibitions.

From muralists and contemporary artists to musicians and printmakers, the city of Fort Wayne is teeming with talent. Paying homage to the creative community that abounds, The Bradley features an on-site art gallery just off the lobby, curated in partnership with the Purdue University Fort Wayne (PFW) Department of Art and Design. Here, you’ll find an incredible display of revolving works from their students, alumni and faculty that span their artistic programs. Twice a year, new themed exhibitions will be displayed so guests can enjoy fresh creative perspectives during every stay. If interested in adding to your own collection, all pieces are available for purchase.

Purdue University Fort Wayne Department of Art and Design guides over 250 students towards their artistic goals each year within several degree programs ranging from Bachelor of Arts to Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. The campus’s Visual Arts Building offers studios primed for creativity of all kinds including ceramics, photography, printmaking, web design, woodworking and beyond. Plus, their own personal gallery space features eight exhibitions each year.  

The current exhibition at The Bradley, centered on photography and printmaking, will be available to view starting June 20,2022 – through December 2022. Read on to learn more about each artist and the individual pieces currently on display. 

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Bethany Buchanan, 2020 B.F.A. Studio Art (Printmaking) – The Entomologist
This work, by Bethany, is based on the idea of collections and keeping a record of your surroundings.

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Ang (Angela) Ellsworth, 2007 B.F.A. Studio Art (Printmaking) – Stardust
Part of a series of prints that Ang is working on that depicts her black lab, OneTwo, for an upcoming calendar from her printshop Cu Dubh Press.

A Cow Is Standing In The Snow

Victoria Geels, 2021 B.A. Art and Design – Bison Series + Old Bridge + Red Tree 
Fueled by a strong passion for revealing the beauty of the natural world, Decatur-raised Victoria focuses on the pieces of the outdoors that typically go unnoticed. Her work shows off the importance of details and seeing the small things.


Kayla Bell, 2018 B.F.A. Graphic Design,  Imaging & Photography – Night Sky 1 + Night Sky 2
Inspired by the gorgeous night sky, free of city lights, Kayla’s photos focus on capturing the beauty of glimmering stars and planets in a way many of us don’t often get to see.

A Purple Light In A Dark Room

Christopher Ganz, Professor of Printmaking and Drawing – Night Work
This print is about the solitude and beaty of the night, and a dedication to those who work during it..

Johnny Min, B.F.A. Graphic Design, Imaging & Photography – Untitled Black & White 1 + 2 + 3 + 4
Fascinated by the concept of having the ability to grasp a moment in time in his hands, Johnny is passionate about capturing life inside frames in ways that are real and raw.

A Painting Of A Person

Carmen J Hamilton, 2021 B.F.A. Studio Art (Printmaking) — East of Eden
This print comes from Carmen's senior thesis, which focuses on weaving memories into narratives. This particular piece associates a specific time and place in childhood with a biblical Eden, and the passing of that time with the expulsion from it.

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Hailey Sueoka, 2020 B.F.A. Studio Art (Printmaking) — Fall Fox
This is a linocut reduction print, hand printed on masa paper.

Background Pattern

Hailey Sueoka, 2020 B.F.A. Studio Art (Printmaking) — Winter Deer
This is a linocut reduction print, hand printed on masa paper.

A Room With White Walls

Julie Wall, B.F.A. Printmaking — Cosmetic Mask
A vintage wallpaper pattern appears in the background but is altered to portray imagery that conflicts with the relief printed items in the foreground. This conflict is intended to add a touch of comedy to the seemingly ridiculous gender roles that are often assigned.