Hotel Theodore Welcomes New Orleans Photographer to Seattle

A Man Wearing A HatBorn and raised in New Orleans, Harlin Miller Jr. is a skilled photographer who specializes in black and white photography. With the complexity of the universe in mind and a curious interest in human design, he themes his work with a minimal and abstract style. Miller enjoys playing around with multiple mediums and often mixes different levels of light and shadow to give his architectural work a sense of tranquility. With an upcoming trip to Hotel Theodore and a planned photoshoot in downtown Seattle, Miller describes some of his favorite subjects to capture and what he looks forward to most about his visit to Emerald City. 

Q1: What are some of your favorite subjects to capture in your photography?   

A: I love capturing people; and sometimes the things that people build (i.e. architecture, art, design) 

Q2: Do you have a few artists you look up to? Or places you find inspiring that you channel into your work?   

A: There are a few artists that I look up to.  I seem to get bits and pieces from people whose work inspires me; Henri Cartier-Bresson, Gordon Parks, Patrick Demarchelier, Annie Leibovitz, Jamel Shabazz, Irvin Penn, Arnold Newman and the list goes on.  Concerning places, I often find that traveling helps me to fill my inspiration tank.   

Q3: Are there projects you’ve done to date that are a standout for you?  

A: Not as of lately, however I do have a few ideas that I would love to start working on that focus on the link between human and divine design. 

Q4: What are you most looking forward to about residency and exploring Seattle?  

A: Seattle is such a beautiful city, filled with inspiration and inspiring people.  I look forward to capturing the essence of the city as best as possible.  

Q5: What are you hoping to create or come away with post-residency? 

A: I hope that I can come away with a body of work that the residents of Seattle can feel excited about.