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As a company that embraces diversity and inclusivity, celebrating the provenance of each individual, we strongly stand against all forms of racism, brutality, bigotry, acts of aggression and inexcusable violence against all individuals.  It’s not enough to express our anger and frustration over the continued injustices. It is our responsibility to continue an open dialogue, to educate ourselves and to live it together today, tomorrow and every day.  

Our jobs in hospitality have always been focused on welcoming guests from all walks of life. But, it’s something we all need to continue building upon to ensure we are creating a safe, open and welcoming space for everyone.  We are people first, hoteliers second and are committed to building a community based on collaboration, camaraderie, and celebration of diversity. We will continue to challenge ourselves to be better.  

As a part of this promise:  

  • A company-wide diversity committee with representatives from each hotel and corporate office has been established to engage with all team members and offer a safe space for conversation, communication, questions, feedback.
  • Offer two paid volunteer days annually for all team members to support non-profits in their community.
  • Continued support of businesses in our local communities through company initiatives, partnerships and patronage.
  • Ensure vendors and partners align with our diversity policy that promises equal opportunities for all members of our communities.
  • Continued diversity training sessions for all team members.

We thank you for your dedication and understanding. We will continue to put in the work and are committed to continually evolving and doing our part. 

From the Provenance Leadership Team