The Best Holiday Shopping in Portland

With the holiday season sneaking up on us once again, drafting that shopping list can become a bit daunting when trying to figure out what to get your loved ones. Luckily, Portland doesn't have sales tax and is full of interesting gift shops and artsy knick knack stores that can help you brainstorm some of the best (and strangest) gift ideas to surprise (or confuse) your family members with. So, break out that gift list and start checking it off with some of our favorite stores for holiday shopping in Portland. 

A Stack Of Flyers On A TableMadeHere PDX
40 NW 10th Ave 

Nothing shouts Portland louder than the MadeHere PDX store. Bring a piece of your Oregon trip home with dark chocolate wrapped in PDX patterns, Sasquatch T-Shirts, durable leather bags, and dainty jewelry sparkling with Portland charm.  

Crafty Wonderland
2022 NE Alberta St. 

This quirky craft store fits in like a puzzle piece over on Alberta Street and is all about encouraging local artists and their crafty creations. Find a little bit of everything from accessories and hats, pins and patches, to entire gift bundles featuring stickers, tote bags, and postcards, all made from the hands of Portlandians.  

A Bunch Of Food On A TableBetsy & Iya
1777 NW 24th Ave 

If you’re wanting to make a little more of an impression on the extra special loved ones in your life, shop at Betsy & Iya to find one-of-a-kind contemporary diamond rings and jewelry, along with fashionable high-quality throw blankets and bags. 

Next Adventure
426 SE Grand Ave 

For the nature explorers in your life, stop by Next Adventure to find all sorts of outdoorsy gear such as hiking equipment, bicycle accessories, kayak clothing, and more. Are your friends a little more hard-core? Stop by the climbing section to find extreme sports gear like ice picks, spiked shoes, and industrial carabiners.  

TextPowell’s Books
1005 W Burnside St. 

With so many tangible goods becoming digital, the smell and feel of a good hard-cover novel has never felt so satisfying. Stop by Powell’s Books and shop anywhere from classic novels to comic books to make the perfect gift for family or friends (or yourself!). Not sure what genres are up their alley? Surprise them with a Powell’s gift card to offer them the perfect excuse to browse around the many bookshelves downtown.   

A Store Filled With Lots Of Fresh ProduceCargo 
81 SE Yamhill St. 

Situated on the East side of Portland right off the Morrison Bridge, Cargo is a large hole-in-the-wall type gift shop featuring all sorts of colorful products from vintage furniture and knick-knacks to artful botanist posters and Chinese lanterns. Here you’ll find all sorts of unusual items like Simpson character necklaces, hanging paper whales, and hand-painted masks.  

Rocket Fizz Portland
535 SW 6th Ave. 

If you’re wanting to branch away from the typical candy canes and Hershey’s kisses you always stuff your stockings with, stop by Rocket Fizz to discover a variety of candy so wide, you’ll get a sugar rush just being there. Shop the good ol’ classics like saltwater taffy and massive lollipops or be adventurous and try Japanese treats and creative bottled sodas with flavors like s’mores and mud pie. 

Calendar1927 S’mores Company
1126 SW Alder St. 

Gift a unique spin on a classic camping treat, while also hinting at planning a Northwest adventure for next summer. 1927 S’mores company creates gourmet s’mores by incorporating untraditional flavors like tiramisu and lemon meringue pie. As part of the Community Pass Program, this is a perfect gift for any age group in your family, and one you can ultimately all experience together at their on-site s’mores bar.  

MudPuddles Toys and Books 
2305 NW Kearney St. 

Have a few kids on your nice list this year? Introduce a little of your childhood to them with old-school toys along with educational & unique gifts at Mudpuddles. You can also find lots of fun books, dolls & puppets to spoil the extra tiny humans in your family with.  

A Person Posing For The CameraMercantile
729 SW Alder St. 

If you’ve stayed at Dossier, you probably know that you can receive amazing discounts using the Community Pass Program. Mercantile is a member of this program and provides discounts for high-end contemporary women's designer wear, so you can shop for quality apparel without breaking the bank. 

A Man And Woman Swimming In The WaterKnot Springs
33 NE 3rd Ave Suite 365 

Give the gift of relaxation this year with a gift card for Knot Springs. Treat your friends and family members to soothing hot soaking pools, deep tissue massages, and dozens of other therapeutic amenities.With terrific holiday deals throughout the season, book a spa weekend for an unforgettable surprise.