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We manage every property like we own it, focused on doing what’s best for the asset in the long term. Spanning more than three decades of experience, our holistic management approach has proven to be a strong driver for team growth and achieving strong operational standards across our collection. Property acquisitions, development projects and joint ventures are our forte. And, with us, you’ll have additional support and a dialed-in network of liked-minded brands who are a part of the Curator Hotel & Resort Collection, where Provenance is a founding member.  


As an owner and an operator, we understand the nuances of ever-changing markets and the focus on the bottom line. With a proven track record that spans 35 years, our expertise is rooted in strategic brand development, securing successful market penetration, delivering on superior operational standards, and building motivated teams. Our size is our strength. With us, you’ll have a potent combination of big player experience with all the benefits of bespoke business services*.

*For projects after December, 2025  


We have our finger on the pulse of the industry and know our way around a deal — our track record proves just that. Real Estate is in our DNA, and our experience makes us uniquely qualified to zero in on profitable opportunities, attain and grow valuable investments. 


We love a good challenge, excelling at ground-up development, adaptive reuse and meaningful renovations that offer a true sense of place through innovative culinary operations, art-centric design, and curated partnerships with some of our cities most talented artists and entrepreneurs. It's our mantra: Illuminating Originals. 

Joint Venture

We’re all about rolling up our sleeves and diving in, together. Teaming up and collaborating with like-minded partners who share our values and long-term goals — honesty, integrity, creativity, and diversity to grow long-standing relationships. We are motivated to share the risk, and can structure our agreements on any scale, including providing key money and sliver equity options.  


Provenance is a founding member of the Curator Hotel & Resort Collection. This consortium of like-minded hotel owners and operators launched in November 2020.  

Curator brings together a distinct collection of hand-selected small brands and independent lifestyle hotels and resorts worldwide – a first-of-its-kind network. The owner-centric hospitality platform offers a competitive alternative to consolidation for hotels looking to amplify their performance and reach in the fast-evolving hospitality space. As a part of this consortium, Provenance offers the purchasing power of major brands to our owned and managed assets.